The First Pants With An Inner High Waist Cincher

Built in Cincher

Styling Pants with an inner high waist cincher. It targets only your unfriendly belly and covers from beneath the bra to just above the hips.

Go to Targets Mid Section

Targets Mid Section

This is not another belly control pant with a wide band that only targets your lower abdomen area. This breakthrough design only targets the mid section area and will not flatten your bum!

Go to Firm Compression

Firm Compression

The high waist cincher has a built in non-slip band and will give you comfortable compression all day long! Just put them on and go!

Go to Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Wear Gson Pants to work or casually in your everyday life. This design allows you to tuck in your favorite shirt and is unlike any other shapewear on the market!

Body shaping pants that won't flatten your bum!


Breakthrough Shapewear Design
The First Pants With An Inner High Waist Cincher

After my pregnancy, I started using shapewear. I primarily used high waist underwear, thongs, and my personal favorite, full coverage panties. Soon it became apparent that the thongs were extremely uncomfortable and the full coverage panties made my but look flat and THAT was something I did not want. I also tried those tummy control pants, but they were too casual for work. So, I thought why not combine comfortable pants with a shapewear style which only targets the mid-section area. Gson pants were created to flatten your tummy, contour your waistline and be versatile. This breakthrough design consists of a cincher strategically attached to the pants. It will stay in place, won’t roll or slip, and the cincher won’t be in the way to tuck in your favorite shirt. Wear Gson pants to work or casually in your everyday life. Gson pants, “The First Pants With An Inner High Waist Compression Cincher.”

Say goodbye to shapewear!